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JCS BD is an independent, Global Courier & Logistics Provider. We are a one stop shop for all of your international Courier & logistics requirements and solutions.




Welcome To JCS BD

International Courier & Logistics Express

In a dynamic and rapidly changing industry of export/import logistics in Bangladesh, JCS BD has emerged, through 11 years of experience, as the country’s leading logistics management company. Our journey began in 2011, and since then we have evolved into a comprehensive one-stop service provider for shipping, clearing and forwarding, export and import, project installation and support services. With a broad range of logistics capabilities and a team of over 100 staff, JCS BD takes pride in its capacity and overarching expertise that enables it to effectively meet any need for logistic services.

Our service covers every aspect of cargo movement, survey, planning, monitoring, insurance, and customs clearance. Our specialized team can give our clients individual account supervision and status reports every step of the way, and is capable of covering every detail of project requirement, right down to in-house catering at the project site.

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Services that we provides

International Express

International Express

JCS BD helped many garments Industries in Bangladesh to be competitive in global market by offering the lowest Courier and Freight rate worldwide and at the same time by meeting the deadline even after delay in production of samples or shipments. Besides garments we handle specialized shipments..

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Project Logistics

Project Logistics

With professionals possessing of worldwide logistics experience, JCS BD can offer you commitment to quality service and a long term seamless relationships which we have cultivated with our clients, utilizing the expertise of professionals who are onsite at locations nationwide.

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Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance

JCS BD understands the importance of smooth customs clearance for the business of our valued clients. Our experts facilitate the customs clearance procedure with their extensive knowledge on local and international rules and regulations, including the existing and potential challenges of global trade.

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Unbeatable International Courier and Logistics Services.